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Arranging Currency Transfers For Business

The need to move money internationally is a daily requirement for some businesses today. With the amount of business that is carried out online the number of orders from and to businesses in other countries has multiplied.

3 - Arranging Currency Transfers For Business

Not so long ago, in order to arrange an international money transfer, you had to go down to the bank’s foreign exchange counter or call up a currency broker to get the transaction carried out on your behalf. Now though, you can set it all up from anywhere that you have internet access  thanks to companies like HiFX.

Anyone can set up an account with HiFX to arrange money payments abroad and in a wide variety of currencies. The minimum contract amount is £50 and with a daily maximum of £300,000 the company can offer adequate facilities for most business needs.

Businesses can benefit from the best foreign exchange rates from as the margins between buying and selling are so narrow. HiFX has fewer overheads due to its online only presence and it passes these benefits onto its customers.

It only takes a few minutes to set up the account and there’s no obligation to use it, so many people have an account ready and waiting for when they need it. This gives them the advantage of being ready to move money when the exchange rate is the most favourable for them. You get constant updates on the exchange rate from HiFX and you can see the rate changing as you are on the site. To get a quote you simply put in the amount that you want to change and the quote is generated immediately. All you need to do is decide whether you are going to accept it, and click to confirm.

HiFX has taken the hard work out of arranging international money transfers, and given its clients the power to decide when and at what rate they are going to move their money.

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