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Best Android Apps For Lawyers

The rapid advancement of mobile technology has forced professionals from all walks of life to try and keep up. Whether you’re a doctor using a smartphones that contains an entire library of medical information, or a fitness trainer trying to keep an eagle eye on the progress of your mentees, mobile apps are a game-changing technology. And it should come as no surprise to learn there are just as many great apps for the legal profession. Whether you’re a lawyer in Sydney or anywhere else across the globe, a great legal app can help bring order into the chaos of a busy lawyer’s life.


The Law Guide / Dictionary

Carrying around heavy legal reference books can be unsightly and burdensome, especially when they can be replaced with The Law Guide. Free from Google Play, The Law Guide / Dictionary is a perfect solution for students and professionals alike to look up legal terms and associations on the fly. Best of all, you don’t need an internet connection to access The Law Guide because its entire contents can be stored on your phone. An internet access does help, however, as it allows you to access legal advice forum available through The Law Guide app.


If you’re looking to keep in touch with the rest of the legal world, PocketJustice can help. This app grants users access to summaries of the Court’s decisions as well as information about public sessions. In only two or three clicks you can access the top 100 cases from around the globe as well as biographical sketches for each and every of the 110 justices. Get access to recordings of public proceedings, oral arguments, and opinions, and go through it at your own pace.


While a lawyer in Sydney might not have much use for this app, anyone who is interested in keeping up with the latest developments in the United States Congress will find the Congress app a must-have. With Congress, it takes only your zip code to find your local representatives and see how they vote on key issues. With one more tap you can contact your representative or see a complete list of all the bills that they have sponsored. This app even lets you see into the future with access to the next bills being voted on. And if you want to view specific bills, Congress supports a keyword search filter that can turn your Android device into a mobile library.

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