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Flaunt Your Status By Carrying Latest Android Phone

Each year every small group of people using Android gets highly excited for specific phone in precise. Nexus 5 by Google is a continuation of tradition which offers the container for next repetition of Android, and so after long wait which is filled with the torturous leaks it becomes ready to be enjoyed by their target audience.

Nexus 5

So, when Android was initially released, Google even worked with the hardware manufacturers for releasing devices which was precisely for the purpose of development. Android 4.4 KitKat may not be the complete remodelling of Android OS; however it still brings some important changes, particularly with Nexus 5 as it is an only device which gets GEL or Google Experience Launcher. Many things are up-front, but things such as adding home screens are not that outspoken.

The time when Google announced Nexus 1, it was extensively assumed that it was a persistence of the practice. In certainty, it was creation of the Google playground. This was the smart phone which existed so user can do what so ever they wished with it, limitless by the carrier interference as well as contract restrictions. However, Developers can also test the apps in mostly abandoned atmosphere, but it was quite far from true purpose of line of products.

With the help of GEL which is also known as Google Experience Launcher, you will get the transparency in app drawer; you can update hands-free search of voice, and also the tweaks of wallpaper. Google is even bit different as it has dedicated home screen where you may add the widgets as many as you wish to have. These days few of the features will make their own way to various other devices with Android KitKat, however on the other hand the bulk of it would be completely exclusive to latest Nexus.

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