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Google’s Android – The Most Accepted Mobile Operating System

Google’s Android is considered to be one of the revolutionary products of Google Inc. that has amplified the development of smartphone markets all over the world. However, Android is not the first operating system for high-end mobile devices that came into the global market. It was Apple’s iPhone and its proprietary operating system iOS, which have been leading the smartphone market at the initial stage.


The rise of Google’s Android

Unlike Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android is free software and can be used in different mobile handset easily. It means that only those mobile handsets that support Android software can use it as well as do some modifications on it as per their requirements.

This has given the chance to many developers to utilize this platform for making new applications and even develop on the existing features of this operating system. As a result of this, many mobile handset makers have been able to bring in low-cost multi-functional smartphone devices, which support and use the Android system. This led to the beginning of a new Android era in the mobile operating system market.

Popularity of Google’s Android

Android is overwhelmingly accepted by several device makers, starting from low-end to high-end mobile phones. It became the market leader in the mobile operating system market, as more than 70% of the smartphones have been running on this system globally. It has practically eaten up the market share of all the other operating systems and their device makers within a short span of time.

The introduction of Android simply changed the entire market scenario of global mobile phone industry. This also had led to the growth of new forms of mobile devices such as the tablet phones.

As mentioned above that Android is an open source product and this has actually helped them to be accepted by millions of users. Earlier, the market was dominated by Apple iPhone and iPad and their operating system iOS. As a result of which, consumers were left with no other option, other than to go for only these Apple products. However, this scenario changed once Android was launched into the market.

The consumers are now having more options of smartphones that are being offered at various price points. It has been observed that Android market has predominately grown more in the developing countries than in some of the developed nations like US and UK. This is primarily due to the fact that these markets are flooded with the most affordable range of smartphones as a result of Android operating system.

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