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The Android vs iOS War

While there is hype regarding the new iPhone 5 that will be launched shortly, there is one feature that will surely be a bummer to many. With its new, smaller dock 19-pin connector, this will surely mean new chargers, new docking stations, and portable speakers for users.

Android vs iPhone5
Photo: (Credit: James Martin/CNET)

Competition between Android and iPhone’s iOSes is inevitable and it will surely go fiercer by the day. For some phone users, the iOS’s voice command can be very limiting especially if you are used to Androids where you can execute commands by dictating text messages and e-mails by simply speaking to the phone.

However, loyal iPhone users would surely defend why the iPhone iOS is much better than the android OS. Aside from its loyal fan base, iPhone can boast of its App store, reliability, media, and its simplicity to users and developers since the iOS is much easier to work with.

However, regardless of what the users think, the Android vs iOS war will surely benefit their followers as the phone companies come up with units that are equipped with better features.

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