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The New Samsung Galaxy S4 Report

Before the unveiling of the new Galaxy phone from Samsung at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City, the internet is abuzz with speculations on its look and features. Though the company has released some teaser photo, it is still hard to gauge its exact dimension and more so with its weight.


From the photo that the South Korean conglomerate dropped, you can at least tell that it did not depart from its predecessor, the S3, at least in shape. While there is an ongoing discussion whether it will be lighter or not, much of the debates centered on its features.

A media outlet has speculated that it will have a “floating touch display,” where you can actually control the phone without actually touching them. The New York Times, meanwhile, came out with a report that it might come equipped with a feature that can track the motion of the eyeballs.

While all these rumors may seem far-fetched, a reliable report from CNET stated that Samsung has filed a trademark for “2D 3D Movie & Still,” which can be a preview of things to come. Will this feature comes with the new smartphone? It still remains to be seen, but everybody agrees in hoping that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 could still resemble the S3 but still boasts of new barrier-busting features.

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