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Two in one – Camera with Phone

Are you looking for a mobile phone which consist the wonderful camera of high and supreme quality of camera with high MP. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom gets in the market for people who wish to have better clicks from the phone, however they doesn’t wish to add more bulk. This small device does wonders in capturing pictures even from distance without any blur.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

The S4 Zoom is quite light weight and small in size for the 16-megapixel point shoot camera; this Android camera is certainly bulkier than the smart phone. Lens of the camera in back adds for about half-inch to thickness, and bottom of phone has additional chunk to offer a grip while using the camera.

Pressing Samsung camera button on side or on top of device activates application of camera and it even extends the camera lens. You may either use on-screen controls or can even turn the dial of phone around camera lens.

At the zoom of 10x, you would require some serious stabilization of image to get great picture shots, and this Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom offers great job and captures decent and sharp images of faces from quite a distance. When you will rotate the dial of lens while doing something else at in Android, the circular menu will pop up. From this menu, you can also keep twisting for selecting different modes of camera, few of which are completely customized.

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